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The Royal Mail was uninterested in tracking down my envelope.Not easy, I suppose, when so many other letters go missing. Steven Bray, Camberley, UK From the moment we received our letter advising that the second delivery was being discontinued, the quality of the normal delivery went from excellent to appalling.Albert, Indiana, USA We have an excellent service, the post arrives before 8.30am most days of the week. Powys, UK I receive in Toronto Air Mail from the UK in 2 days; this is in contrast to letters from the USA which take up to 10 days. Jon, Toronto Canada The Royal Mail can be run profitably and reach its targets.The problem is that with the management philosophy in the UK of making cuts to decrease costs rather than solving problems to decrease costs, it's not something that will ever happen. Ian P, Birmingham, UK Two years ago I thought the Royal Mail was very good. AJ, Finchley, London, UK The Royal Mail is delivering!

Between April and June, 88.3 percent of First Class letters across Britain were delivered the next working day, below Royal Mail's 92.5 percent target. Glasgow's going the same way now - my sister has had a bank book, a credit card and a bottle of perfume all go missing within the last 2 months.Reactionaries will always condemn any government service and demand it be "privatised" or "reformed." Great Britain was a pioneer in helping to create the model for a successful postal system.This model has been successfully adopted throughout the world and calls for its radical alteration should be resisted.Noel, London, UK I was blissfully happy with Royal Mail until my postman retired due to ill health.When he was doing the rounds, our post would arrive between 7 - 7.30am every day without fail.

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