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Most importantly Docker can run on Development and on Production (same environment everywhere).

While Vagrant is designed for Development only, (so you have to re-provision your server on Production every time). Note: The Database (My SQL/Maria DB/…) ports should not be forwarded on production, because Docker will automatically publish the port on the host, which is quite insecure, unless specifically told not to.

So make sure to remove these lines: php-worker: build: context: ./php-worker dockerfile: "Dockerfile-$" #Dockerfile-71 or #Dockerfile-70 available args: - INSTALL_PGSQL=$ #Optionally install PGSQL PHP drivers volumes_from: - applications depends_on: - workspace extra_hosts: - "dockerhost:$" networks: - backend Note: We’ve locked Adminer to version 4.3.0 as at the time of writing it contained a major bug preventing Postgre SQL users from logging in.

If that bug is fixed (or if you’re not using Postgre SQL) feel free to set Adminer to the latest version within the Dockerfile: 3 - Require the dependency package pda/pheanstalk using composer.

Below is show case of both methods: In simple terms, docker-sync creates a docker container with a copy of all the application files that can be accessed very quickly from the other containers.

On the other hand, docker-sync runs a process on the host machine that continuously tracks and updates files changes from the host to this intermediate container.

Workspace Image Tools PHP CLI - Composer - Git - Linuxbrew - Node - V8JS - Gulp - SQLite - x Debug - Envoy - Deployer - Vim - Yarn - SOAP - Drush…Quick Setup giude, (we recommend you check their docs) 1) (must have virtualbox installed, but they support other providers if you prefer) 4) after the above command is done it will display some env variables, copy them to the bash profile or zsh or..(this will instruct docker to use the server running inside the VM) 5) You can use the d4m-nfs solution in 2 ways, one is using the Laradock built it integration, and the other is using the tool separatly.So since sharing code into Docker containers with osxfs have very poor performance compared to Linux.Likely there are some workarounds: Dinghy creates its own VM using docker-machine, it will not modify your existing docker-machine VMs.

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