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Healthy dating habits

Rather than take away his “white noise” or force me to fight the distraction, we came up with a very simple solution: headphones and earplugs. And really, this list of deal-breakers should be fairly short.If you come up with more deal-breakers than your partner can keep up with, you are probably not with the right person.

And if you’re the target of this sane, constructive feedback, take it as intended.

You are no longer what you were before this new event because your environment is now different.

When you refuse to acknowledge this shift in reality with an adjustment to your habits and actions, your ability to succeed is severely challenged.

When I met Warren, I was coming off another doomed relationship where we both decided not to budge from entrenched positions on opposite sides of the battlefield.

It was as successful as you’d imagine – like a zebra hoping to find love in a den of hungry lions – and I began thinking I was just not cut out for love.

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If an easy workaround is available, especially when combating a daily habit you’ve had for decades, then take it. When we first got together, he left the television on all the time, whether he was watching it or just answering email on his laptop. Just bring it up during your next marriage contract review.) It shouldn’t come as a surprise to your partner that certain behaviors or attitudes are not in alignment with the way you want to live your life.