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There appears to be a good reason for that: As soon as the story faced any scrutiny, it began to unravel.

On Wednesday, Cabaj responded to an e-mail from the blog site and retracted the 25 percent figure altogether -- and claimed he had asked Rolling Stone's fact-checker to do just that.

No one, I repeat, no one, has any solid evidence for either figure.

I mention it because no serious AIDS journalist would ever write such an ill-informed and obviously fallacious sentence.

But I think it turns the other guy on to know that I'm negative and that they're bringing me into the brotherhood.

That gets me off too.'" Freeman elaborates: "HIV-infected semen is treated like liquid gold." Here's one quote from an apparent infecter: "If I know that he's negative and I'm fucking him, it sort of gets me off.

They're in denial of this issue." Similarly, Cabaj first claims that a quarter of all new gay HIV infections are through bug chasing; then he says "it may be a small number of people ...

The story centers on a bizarre sub-subcultural phenomenon known as "bug chasing." A few HIV-negative gay men, for all sorts of deep and dark psychological reasons, appear actually to be seeking out HIV infection.

Some HIV-positive men, it is also alleged, are just as willing to infect these troubled souls with HIV. There were occasional stories about it in the late 1990s, stories that fueled an urban legend but that never made it to the mainstream. Because of simple lack of hard evidence that anyone but a very few disturbed people were involved. According to the Rolling Stone story, a jaw-dropping 25 percent of new gay male HIV infections are due to bug chasing.

I'm murdering him in a sense, killing him slowly, and that's sort of, as sick as it sounds, exciting to me." But then you realize this quote -- relished by Sean Hannity -- isn't from anyone who has infected anyone. He's clearly deeply disturbed, but we are supposed to believe every word he says. The piece is also riddled with unbelievably shoddy work.

It's from Freeman's key source, imagining what it might feel like to be on the other side of the equation. Freeman doesn't actually substantiate a single episode of unsafe sex between someone HIV-negative allegedly seeking infection and someone HIV-positive knowingly passing it on. Take this snippet: "With about 40,000 new infections in the United States per year, according to government reports, that would mean around 10,000 each year are attributable to that more liberal definition of bug-chasing." Huh?

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How many HIV-positive "gift givers" are interviewed? None of the major AIDS and gay specialists interviewed by Freeman agreed that this was a major phenomenon, let alone responsible for 25 percent of all new HIV infections.

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