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Dating recourse add link

Moodle calls up the right module in view mode and then points that towards an object(database record) that is identified with an id.It is important to pay close attention to the address bar when logged in as a non-student/guest and as a student/guest.Creative Moodlers have come up with some ways to use HTML linking to navigate within a Moodle site. It is always a good idea to test any links with the permissions of a student to make sure they work.Essentially the Moodle id is a unique number associated with a datatable record.The browser address bar will show the page location. These pages do not exist in demo.moodle and these address will take the student to the page in edit mode.

Like content placed in a course shell, these links can be restricted by date and by completion of other parts of the course.

It is also possible to track a student's first visit to an external link.

Use the Email on Acid Forum like your virtual water cooler: Stop by to discuss email code, quirky clients and fixes and post your issues (with an example of the code) for our community to offer its assistance.

You can add a link to an image in your campaigns, so a subscriber is directed to the URL when they click an image in you campaign.

Below, you'll learn how to add a link to an image in a campaign that uses a drag-and-drop template.

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However, it is possible to shorten the link so it will translate better in a backup and restore to another site.