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We were also daring enough to creep in to the henhouse at the farm and enjoy a raw egg.But guess Gordon and his pals we were nearly always caught.Lizzie Lawson, was born in 1881 in Dundee, in Thom Place. Five years later, they lived in Glasgow, in Cathcart less than a mile from Hampden, Scotland's National Football Stadium.Sadly, Thomas died there at the age of 25, from acute appendicitis - Gran was pregnant with her third child and she returned to Dundee.As he worked in the Approved Schools service based at Balgowan School his threats put paid to any more Dundee scrumping....except the pea field out of town end of Frederick Street! Gordon Findlay's story about sweeties got me thinking.I was aware that Scotland is at, or near the top of the list of nations for things like consumption of confectionery, sweets/candies, chocolate, cakes, soft drinks loaded with sugar, and the like; for childhood and adult obesity; for bad teeth and for heart disease.She was a 'biscuit packer' when she first got married, then ten years later the census described her as a 'confectioner'. She used to get up at in the morning and walk from the foot of Arklay Street to Courthouse Square where she worked as a cleaner in Telephone House from to , got the tram home, then later in the day went back again from to pm.My Gran and Grandad, when he died in 1947, were living in a 'but and ben' in a tenement at the foot of Clepington St., right next to the The Airlie Arms pub (in fact it's now part of the pub and used as a storeroom - see the photo).

This did not work, of course, when we were out together..terrors of the village!

Older people, of course suffered more from the cold, and would often sit very close to the fire.

Particularly in women (skirts v trousers), the exposure of their legs to the heat would cause changes to the skin, usually a mild and transient red rash resembling lacework or a fishing net.

My Gran and my Mum spent a lot of time together, and I was essentially brought up by the pair of them, Grannie doing a lot of babysititing when my Mum was working.

My memory is populated by little vignettes of my Grannie - here's a couple: Corned beef legs: When I was growing up, most houses in Britain were heated by burning coal in open hearths - quite inefficient, since a lot of the heat disappeared up the chimney.

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To digress for a moment, I remember some thirty years or so ago, flicking TV channels at home in Canada and coming across a show about those countries with the worst record for heart disease and the two countries featured were Finland and Scotland.

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