Rightwing dating

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Rightwing dating

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) -- The Clintons, often referred to as the "Clinton Crime Family" have a Machiavellian reputation.

Time and again, their critics accuse them of being willing to do anything to win.

From the foundation, the money was funneled back into the Clinton's pockets, a classic bribery scheme. At least two people have gone to jail over the deal.

Hillary Clinton also oversaw the sale of a significant portion of the U. And as a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton reached peak performance, cinching the nomination from the Democratic National Committee just months after announcing she would run for president again.

In a contract she compelled the party to sign, she had the rights to much of the money the DNC brought in.

This starved downballot candidates and explains why Republicans steamrolled Democrats in the House and Senate.

The family has even been accused of using murder as a tool of corruption and enforcement.

Allegations of the Clintons hiring hit men have never been substantiated, but a number of lesser charges are well established. He was a poplar president, sure, but his salacious behavior has brought scandal to his family since he was governor of Arkansas in the 1980s.

Schultz was compelled to resign as it became apparent she had colluded with Clinton to keep Bernie Sanders from having a fair shot at the party's nomination.

He gained rapidly on Hillary Clinton and won several primary races.

But despite his wins, he always seemed to walk away with fewer delegates to the party's convention because of the superdelegate system used by the DNC.

Still, Clinton used her money and influence, and even threats at time, to secure the nomination.

She was aided by the media who covered up her health issues. Leaked emails and subsequent investigations have also demonstrated the Hillary Clinton paid millions to Russian spies for a fake dossier on Donald Trump, and that the Russians spread fake news and infiltrated social media to undermine the democratic process in the United States.

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Clinton lost her first primary bid to Barack Obama in 2007.