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Individual current weather readings can also be displayed in a graphic image.We call these snapshot graphics or readings to indicate that they are single time-point or ‘snapshot’ readings (as distinct from the trend graphs described next) and are also sometimes called gauge graphics because some types have the appearance of a vertical gauge, with the level of an indicator colour showing the relative value of a parameter.Graphs covering the last 24-hour period are often very useful, and longer time-spans can also be interesting as they reveal changing patterns in the weather over eg many days.The reduced trend graph shown here, for example, shows the diurnal variation in air temperature over a two week period.

You can ask Weatherlink to create a trend graph for any logged parameter and over a wide range of time spans, ranging from one hour up to one year – which should cater for most needs!One example of a gauge image is that for outside humidity shown left.This particular type of gauge also indicates graphically the high and low value for the current day so far, the current reading as a numeric value and a time stamp of the last update.Once this process is complete, the Weatherlink software uploads the new version of each page to your web server, along with any graphic images that may also have been updated.A fresh visitor to your website will then see the latest page version containing all the latest readings.

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Trend graphs are updated automatically in the same way as described for the snapshot graphs above.

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