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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin Mc Mahill said on Friday that investigators are sure no one else was in the room before he shot dead 58 and injured almost 500 on Sunday.

Earlier, NBC News had reported a mysterious charger that did not match any of Paddock's cellphones - raising the possibility that another person had been with Paddock beforehand.

Stephen was just seven years old and living in Arizona when his father Benjamin Paddock was nabbed by the FBI for a series of bank robberies.

At the time, Stephen's mother tried desperately to shield her young son and his three siblings from the devastating news that their father was living a double life as a bank robber and con-man.'We're trying to keep Steve from knowing his father is held as a bank robber,' a neighbour told the Tucson Daily Citizen on July 29, 1960.

I once heard a recovered alcoholic, twenty years sober, say, "The man that I was drank, and the man that I was will drink again." If people who emerge from a deteriorated state go back to the state prior to the deterioration, nothing has been accomplished, because history will repeat itself.For them, progress is not only essential for growth, but for survival.try to add to my life by intensifying and increasing those practices that are conducive to growth.The 27-year-old, who was not named, described Paddock as 'paranoid', 'obsessive', and said he ranted about conspiracy theories including 9/11 being 'an inside job' (pictured, the hotel from which Paddock carried out his killings) Police are questioning Las Vegas prostitutes as they try to ascertain a motive for the worst mass shooting in American history.A note with a number of phone numbers on it was found in Paddock's hotel room which police are using to make inquiries Paddock also boasted about his bank-robber father, saying that 'the bad streak is in my blood' and 'I was born bad', according to texts seen by the Sun on Sunday.

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The woman, who spoke anonymously, said she would spend hours drinking and gambling in Sin City with Paddock, who she described as 'paranoid' and 'obsessive'.