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The other opposition in the Grand Cross is between intense Mars in your group activity sector and volatile Uranus in your hotheaded fifth house of passion and expression.

Your temper can be hair-trigger at times, especially if you feel that the people on Team Sagittarius aren't pulling their weight.

We've all been contending with unresolved issues that are demanding our attention, making it hard to sail forward at the speedy pace your gallivanting zodiac sign prefers.

April brings the crux of this intensity, so if you can plow through this month with your famous Archer optimism—taking the long view rather than getting frustrated by any short-term setbacks—it should be smooth sailing come May.

You're feeling back to your feisty fire-sign ways under these skies, ready to dance off any of the stress that built up over the past three months.

With such an unusual number of planets already retrograde (backward) this year, 2014 hasn't gotten off to an easy-breezy start for any sign.

You may find yourself being constantly interrupted from your work and money-making pursuits by other people's needs.

(The effect of a Grand Cross can be to stretch us so thin in so many directions that we reach a breaking point, and are forced to prioritize or take decisive action.This may mean that you have to learn how to play well with others, through trial and inevitable error.There may be some old demons to purge before you merge!The TV crews or local reporters could come a'knocking midmonth.As exciting as some of the changes are, there's still a lot to navigate now, Sagittarius.

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Libra rules your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, so a collaborative project could have a major moment!